Renovate Your Kitchen for More Space and Energy Efficiency

More or less, kitchen redesigns are the most popular way of renovating your home. With this in mind, it’s becoming a profession in itself. Making sure that the kitchen has plenty of space and is more energy efficient is both want and a need for many people. Trying to cook when there’s no space can be frustrating and daunting. With this in mind, below are tips to getting your kitchen energy efficient and spacious.

Finding more kitchen space

Everything in the home gets cluttered at some point, but none like the kitchen. Counters full, cupboards overflowing, it can seem like an impossible task to get it fixed and in better working order. Here are tips for getting more space in the kitchen:

* Message board – Might seem a bit like the tip of the iceberg, but by giving everyone a place to write their messages, concerns or needs for the day you can have a better-organised kitchen – and family life.

* Sliding Storage – There are always gaps that can be better utilised. By using a sliding cupboard, you can store baking supplies and canned goods. It’s usually fitted with the fridge and a kitchen cabinet.

* Hanging Baskets – No, don’t bring your flowerbeds inside but by using a hanging basket there will be somewhere to store most of your fruit and vegetable until you need it. Usually, in chrome, wicker or plastic, three-tiered baskets are the most popular. You can even ask the expert working on your renovation to rearrange and create more space so that you can move freely around with kitchen renovation Adelaide. The experts can also add more windows for natural and to make space look spacious.

Energy efficient kitchens

Today, everyone is trying to cut down the amount of energy they use and stay green for the benefit of the environment and their pocket. Being energy efficient can be simple enough if you know where to look. It’s all about selecting the right materials.

Products to consider include:

* Your appliances – Refrigerators with top fridge and bottom freezer, dishwashers with half-load settings and induction cooktops are all good things.

* Your cabinets – Cork flooring, bamboo or natural stone counter tops, wooden and composite glass cabinets are some of the best to look for and buy. Try and find those that are made from recycled materials.

* Lighting – Energy Star fixtures are the usual port of call for this type of thing. Using a compact fluorescent will save up to 75% on your lighting costs, and nothing is cheaper than sunlight so check the natural light available.

* Paints – Water-based paints are considered to being the most energy efficient type so start your search there.

A good renovation begins in mind when you decide to work on it. Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve before you even initiate the restoration work. Also be sure to hire the best builder for optimal results. Look for referrals or do your search online to get the best builder. The bottom line is having professionals renovators and not how you find them. Good Luck.