Techniques for Asbestos testing Adelaide

Asbestos isn’t found only on the roof or within the walls of a structure. Due to the nature of the fibres, asbestos can be located in a variety of places around a property, as well as throughout your surrounding suburb. Asbestos testing Adelaide is critical to making sure that health risks such as lung cancer and mesothelioma are minimised.


This important test is to help determine whether or not asbestos particles are found in the air. Using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM), these tests are routinely carried out at abatement sites and can be done for a wide variety of reasons. These include environmental surveying, personal monitoring as well as minor abatement clearance testing.

Materials used in bulk building

Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM) is the popular technique that is typically used to analyse bulk construction materials. PLM can help detect the difference between asbestos and non-asbestos fibres, as well as group the various subspecies within the asbestos family.

Soil and sediment

This type of asbestos testing is vital for any environmental investigations, with samples being taken to find out if there are things like illegal dumping taking place.

Settled dust/non-building materials

This test remains a contentious point throughout the environmental industry. It is conducted when establishing baseline levels or surveying historical buildup.

Water samples

This asbestos testing is typically performed throughout the community on a wider scale, as opposed to an individual property. As well as water pipes, effluent and water streams are usually tested for contamination also.

Although traditionally coming in solid sheets of fibres or other forms, breakage and deterioration can cause asbestos to splinter into microscopic portions and spread throughout the home. By hiring the right experts, professionals will be able to do asbestos testing Adelaide and determine the presence of the material in your home or office building. If it is detected and found to be in harmful levels, the experts will then conduct asbestos removal. The experts have the right training and gear for the work to ensure that they are safe even when doing the removal.

After asbestos is removed from your property, the experts know the right way to dispose of the material to ensure that no one can suffer the effect. To enjoy all these services, you need to look for a professional asbestos removal company. Doing this will assure you that the work done is quality and that your family or employees are free from the dangers of asbestos. For more information on why you need asbestos testing and removal services, visit this site.